Scheme Enrolment

Enrolment onto the scheme is completed by the scheme administrators, who process the
information submitted and confirm registration. On successfully enrolling, each person registered is issued with login credentials to access their Lion Training Passport. Organisation based
administrators are also issued with logins to access passports for their entire organisation.

Registration is for a 12-month period based on the date the individual is enrolled. After 12-months
the scheme administrators will contact you to see if you would like to renew your registration.
Registration/renewal of registration is charged at one credit. Credits can be purchased individually
or in bulk and are charged at £20 each plus VAT. For every ten credits purchased in a single order,
an additional free credit is applied to your account, up to a total of 20 free credits per order. Unused
credits do not expire and will remain on account until used.

Organisations enrol their staff onto the scheme by completing the following steps.

1. Register your organisation and purchase credits
Complete the enclosed application to register your organisation – this form details key
information about the organisation, contact details and the initial number of people you
would like to register.

An invoice is generated and a request for information is sent by the administrators ready to complete the second step.

2. Register staff members
The administrators will request that the details of individuals are submitted – this includes name, date of birth, home address and job title/role. It is at this point that any training already completed can be submitted to be added to the Lion Training Passport.

Once registration is complete confirmation in the form of a letter is sent to the key contact
of the organisation – this details the individuals login credentials and confirm their
enrolment number and expiry date. This letter can be used to demonstrate membership.

All Information submitted to the scheme administrators is handled and processed in accordance to the Data Protection Act. Specific details on this can be found in our Data Protection Policy here.

Renewal of Membership

Each Lion Training Passport requires renewal every 12-months on the anniversary of the enrolment date. Expiry dates are provided at registration, however at the beginning of the month that renewal is due the scheme administrators will email and organisation to advise that renewal is due.

The scheme administrators will provide full details on how to renew in the renewal notification email. Each renewal requires one credit (£20+VAT) which is charged based on the information provided.

Renewal of membership will ensure continuous online access to the training records and on successful renewal confirmation of renewal will be provided which will detail the new expiry date.