About Lion Training Passport

Lion Training Passport was established by an industry led working group made up of industry representatives, the British Egg Industry Council, Poultec Training and Lantra.  The working group, inspired by the work of the poultry meat sector, wanted to develop a common standard of training across UK egg production farms, pullet rearing farms and pullet hatcheries.

The working group has developed an online skills passport which defines an individual’s training requirement based on their job role. The training, which consists of a number of separate courses, is recorded on the skills passport as it is completed. The Lion Training Passport holds details of the training and certificates to assist with assurance and supplier audits. The system provides access to staff training records via a web browser and is only accessible by authorised individuals. Reporting in the system means that this becomes a key management tool for monitoring of training with automated e-mails reminding you when training needs to be completed or refreshed.

Training specified on the Lion Training Passport can be delivered in-house by a organisations own tutors or by external providers – all courses need to be approved by the scheme to ensure that the required elements are included. For more information on training providers click here.

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