Welcome to Lion Training Passport

Lion Training Passport was established by an industry led working group made up of the British Egg Industry Council, Poultec Training and Lantra. The working groups’ main aim was to develop a common standard of training across UK egg production farms, pullet rearing farms and pullet hatcheries, tracked by an online training passport.

The common training standard includes key topics such as welfare, biosecurity and food hygiene, as well as health & safety and manual handling.

Lion Training Passport has been adopted by the Lion Code and became part of its Standard from January 2021.


Modern Slavery Awareness – Training in modern slavery awareness is being added to all Lion Training Passports. This short course teaches individuals the signs of modern slavery and labour exploitation, as well signpost how to report and get support. For more details of the contents click here.

Food Safety Training – All those working on egg production sites (excluding breeding and rearing sites) must hold a current food safety/hygiene certificate at all times. All food safety/hygiene certificates expire after three years of issue.

The mandatory training requirement for Food Safety by the Lion Training Passport can currently be fulfilled by either attending a Basic Level 1 Food Safety/Hygiene qualification OR a Lion Passport Food Safety training course. However, for certificates that expire later than 1st January 2022, only the Lion Passport Food Safety training course will fulfil this training requirement. Certificates for the Basic Level 1 Food Safety/Hygiene qualification still valid after this date will remain valid until their expiry date.