Frequently Asked Questions

Do all staff have to be registered by 1st January 2021 or from 1st January 2021?

Lion Code auditors will be checking that all staff are registered on the scheme from the 1st January 2021, therefore it is important to be registered by this date in preparation for any upcoming audits.

Can staff be registered before 1st January 2021? If so, when will their renewal be due?

To encourage early adoption of the scheme, any registrations completed in advance of 31st December 2020 will not require renewal until the 31st December 2021.

Do new starters have to be registered immediately?

New starters should be registered from the point where they complete their probationary period, not later than 6months after their start date.

Can a Packer / Farm Group submit a group registration for multiple farm sites?

Yes, a packer or farm group can submit group registrations on an organisations behalf, as long as they have consent to pass this information onto us.

Do registration forms have to be completed and submitted by hand (particularly for group registrations)?

No, they can be completed by hand or by typing directly into the PDF form.  When submitting the staff details (page 2), this can be submitted on an MS Excel sheet.

Who can have access or visibility of an individual’s training passport?

The security of personal data is paramount to the success of the scheme. An individual can view their own Lion Training Passport, as can their employer and if authorised the packer (this authority is defined at enrolment, but can be updated at any time).  User have their own login credentials for accessing the database and access is defined on a user-by-user basis. The scheme administrators have access to the database, to administer the scheme – Information is not shared with other departments within Poultec Training Limited or used for the promotion of Poultec’s training activities unless specifically requested in writing by an organisation.  Information will not be shared with other organisations, unless a written request is received from the organisation registering a Lion Training Passport. Full details on how data is handled, stored and used is documented in our Data Protection Policy.

What information can be reported on (and by whom) from the LTP database in terms of registrations and training?

The database holding the records includes a number of reports – an automated report that highlights gaps in training is sent monthly and ad-hoc reports can be ran at any time to identify gaps in training and list registered members.

Does evidence of induction training need to be submitted with the registration form?

An induction is provided by an organisation to inform a new staff of operational and procedural requirements.  This will vary between locations and employers and therefore a sign-off of this being completed is sufficient.

What evidence of induction training will be needed? (e.g. long-standing owner / operator may have covered this training many years ago)

Written confirmation that this is completed is sufficient; this should be on headed paper and state the start date of the person employment and that the induction has been completed.

How many courses have to be completed each year?

It is expected that at least one course is completed per year, until fully compliant.  Fully compliant is when all courses are completed and are in-date.

How soon after 1st January 2021 does training have to be arranged and completed?

Training can commence now; training should be completed at a rate at least one course is completed per year, until fully compliant.  Fully compliant is when all courses are completed and are in-date.

Are there restrictions on what order courses have to be completed (e.g. does Biosecurity, Security & Egg Handling have to be completed first)?

No, courses can be completed in any order.

If several required training courses are completed in the first year, is any training required in the subsequent years (i.e. will doing it quickly at the start be sufficient until those courses are due for renewal/refresher training)?

You are required to completed at least 1 course per year, until fully compliant.  If you complete all the course training requirements in one year, you do not need to complete any further training until these expire.

If refresher training (or repeat training if the course is amended due to legislative or other changes) is completed before the renewal date, does that re-start the 3 or 5 year time period for the life of that course? E.g. bird welfare on 10th Jan 2021, so due again 10th Jan 2026; course is then completed again on 10th Jan 2023, does it still last until 2026 or now until 2028?

Yes, if a course is completed again within the valid period, the expiry date is based on five years from this date of attending the latest course.

Will any courses that have already been completed count towards the first (or subsequent) years’ training requirements?

Courses need to be completed annually until fully compliant, whilst courses completed before the enrolment date are valid and recorded, it does not remove the requirement to complete courses annually.

The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 requires employers to make sure there are adequate and appropriate first aid equipment, facilities and number of qualified first aiders in the workplace. The HSE recommends that if you work in a company with 5-50 workers there should be at least one person trained in first aid. If the farm has fewer than 5 workers, does the LTP still require someone at the site to be First Aid trained?

Yes, the scheme states that there must be a trained first aider at each location.  A first aider is someone that holds either an Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work qualification.  The person who has/intends to hold one of these must be identified at registration.

If a Producer uses an external contractor for rodent control, does someone on site still need to complete Rodenticide training for the LTP?

No, Rodenticide training is only required where a organisation places the bait themselves.

Can the Lion Training Passport hold details / certificates for training not required by the LTP? (i.e. unrelated / additional training)

Yes, the Lion Training Passport can hold details of all training completed.  This is presented in two sections – Mandatory, which is the minimum that the scheme requires for the role and Additional, which is any other training.  This results in the scheme holding a comprehensive training record for an individual.

Who is responsible for the management of the Lion Training Passport scheme.

An industry working group known as the ‘Lion Training Passport Management Group’ (LTPM) is made up of representatives from industry (nominated by the BEIC), the Administrative party (Poultec Training) and the Software Platform provision party (Lantra).  It is this group that has the collective responsibility for the scheme and defines its Standards and operational processes.  The Administrative party, whilst the point of contact between members, the scheme and providers; only follow the processes and procedures defined by the LTPMG.